What You Need to know about Hotwire & 新型冠状病毒肺炎

There is no higher priority to our entire Hotwire Family than the Safety of EBET易博真人平台app的员工和客户. EBET易博真人平台app remains vigilant, and we are prepared to make 根据公共卫生官员和相关机构目前的建议作出的决定.

Protecting Our Customers and Keeping Our Communities Connected



We hope you and your loves ones have continued to stay safe 在 the ongoing pandemic. This period has been one of continued change 和不断调整, EBET易博真人平台appEBET易博真人平台app致力于为每一位客户提供同等水平的服务 他们对EBET易博真人平台app寄予厚望, 同时尽EBET易博真人平台app所能保证EBET易博真人平台app的客户和员工的健康和安全. This has included pre-screening all appointments, 提高EBET易博真人平台app远程协助客户使用设备和服务的能力 through innovative new products such as TechSee, an Augmented Reality (AR) enabled virtual assist tool.

下面详述的策略在使EBET易博真人平台app能够满足客户的需求方面发挥了重要作用, and our customer care agents and 训练有素的技术团队在解决客户的问题和担忧方面非常高效, 允许EBET易博真人平台app维持 EBET易博真人平台app的工作流程远程,同时继续满足提供世界级的服务,而不降低任何质量.



As we continue our response to the global impact of 新型冠状病毒肺炎, EBET易博真人平台app remains committed to protecting the health, 安全与幸福 EBET易博真人平台app的客户和员工,同时继续尽EBET易博真人平台app的力量,为您带来最好和最快的技术服务. 在过去 几个月, we have come to rely on internet connectivity more than ever, 是否远程工作, 参加在线教育, 保持联系 和EBET易博真人平台app爱的人, or to unwind at the end of a long day, and EBET易博真人平台app is continuing to work hard to maintain the same level of quality and connectivity that customers have come to expect from their Fision services.

安全, EBET易博真人平台app的网络运营中心(NOC)已经指定了不同的地点,客户服务团队现在正在远程工作,以便 ensure that our most critical functions remain available to all customers, 24/7,不间断.

Our customers can continue to enjoy our line of services including Gigabit speed internet, IPTV, 电话, home security and automation technology. EBET易博真人平台app还与受这种疾病影响最大的客户直接合作, with a dedicated team established to handle these issues with each customer individually.

Highly trained technical specialists are available to assist you 24/7, both through our Call Center and via 远程 account management teams on the Hotwire Fision应用. 如果你生病了, 这些远程服务将能够帮助您解决您可能遇到的任何技术问题. EBET易博真人平台app 为了更好的帮助客户了解如何使用他们的产品和服务,还制作了一系列的菲视教育视频. 请 click the link below in order to access the full vision教育系列视频.

该系列虚拟教程已经推出,为客户提供教育和个人 way to receive product overviews, 实习培训, and tutorials for the services and devices they use most, 完整的问&A sessions and the opportunity to receive one-on-one help.

为了更好的帮助客户,EBET易博真人平台app还制作了一系列的Fision教育视频 understand how to use their Fision products and services. 请 click the link below in order to access the full vision教育系列视频.



In addition to the self-service tools available through 634d7.shizuo.net and our Hotwire Fision应用, EBET易博真人平台app has launched a new virtual 辅助工具,TechSee. Enabled by Augmented Reality (AR) technology, TechSee provides customers with completely contactless, 远程虚拟技术访问 和不出手安装. 客户将被发送一个链接,激活一个一对一的视频聊天与EBET易博真人平台app的一个训练有素的技术专家, 谁走 customers through each step of the installation or troubleshooting process. Customers can additionally aim the camera on their smartphone or tablet at 其中一个设备, 比如机顶盒, 远程, 或电缆, and receive both audio and on-screen visual prompts letting them know which buttons to 按下,插入哪根电缆,哪一端,使用哪个端口,它们在哪里,等等.


Hotwire Virtual Assistance with TechSee Integration


In response to the 新型冠状病毒肺炎 pandemic, EBET易博真人平台app实施了许多程序和政策,以解决客户和员工的关注和需求. 业务连续性小组在该病毒成为严重的全国性问题之前的许多周就开始主动制定战略, 使公司能够充分准备制定远程工作和保持社交距离的政策和程序,同时保持重要的运营和功能.

Efforts to Protect Employees and Customers

  • 非常谨慎, EBET易博真人平台app在今年3月当地和州关闭工厂之前,就为员工实施了远程工作政策. Employees were equipped with laptop computers, 耳机, 所有必要的网络连接,让他们在家里继续正常工作.
  • Prior to the start of 远程 working, EBET易博真人平台app总部的工作空间仅限于必要人员和在职人员, staffing plan was modified to reduce the number of employees in a single location, to ensure social distancing guidelines, 由疾控中心发出, 是受人尊敬的.
  • EBET易博真人平台app was the first to begin providing all in-home technicians with PPE, 包括口罩, 鞋覆盖物, 消毒湿巾, 还有消毒凝胶和喷雾, with a team dedicated to sourcing these items.
  • 另外, 家庭技术人员在使用适当的消毒技术之前受过彻底的培训, 在, 在所有的约会之后.
  • All appointments are pre-screened in order to ensure that no occupants of the home are ill, are believed to have come into contact with a positive case of 新型冠状病毒肺炎, or have traveled to affected areas within fourteen (14) days prior to the appointment time.
  • 建造队备有红外线温度计,以应付客户的工作,以便员工和承建商在靠近他人工作前,能得到检查.
  • In order to adhere as closely as possible to CDC guidelines for social distancing, 现场访问和评估是通过现场联络人或EBET易博真人平台app员工提供的现场现场演练进行的,如果单位是空的.


Our network is designed with redundancy in mind, to keep you online no matter what. Our all-fiber network has continued to perform well, maintaining 99.99% uptime with no loss in quality, 尽管最近由于大量用户在家中使用高带宽的互联网服务,带宽消耗有所增加.

We are working closely with our investment partners, 县学校董事会, 在这些服务最重要的时候,地方政府要确保利用EBET易博真人平台app的光纤技术解决方案来帮助消除数字鸿沟.


因为EBET易博真人平台app的持续支持有时会导致在EBET易博真人平台app当地的客户服务呼叫中心的等待时间比正常时间长, 为了节省你的时间, EBET易博真人平台app鼓励EBET易博真人平台app的客户在EBET易博真人平台app的Hotwire Fision应用程序或网站上使用以下自助工具 634d7.shizuo.net 执行以下任务:

  • 支付你的账单
  • Getting general equipment troubleshooting tips
  • Submitting online requests for non-urgent issues
  • Accessing and changing account information

Sometimes, resetting your set-top box or wireless modem will solve simple problems. 只需拔掉设备插头, 等待30秒, 把它插回去, and wait up to 5 minutes for the device to fully reset.

For any issues which cannot be resolved through the use of our self-service tools, our technicians are standing by to help you with any problems you might have, EBET易博真人平台app的客户经理准备远程回答您可能对您的帐户提出的任何问题.

如果你还没有这样做,请下载Hotwire Fision应用程序到你的安卓或iOS设备上.

As a newly added self-service feature, 通过机顶盒,为Hotwire Fision所有客户简化了将新频道添加到订阅套餐中的流程. When viewing a channel that is not currently subscribed to, customers can now use their 远程 to upgrade right on the channel screen, without needing to call a representative to change their plan.


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Look for “2020 Movies in Theaters” in your On Demand menu to order newly released films. As new movies continue to make their debut directly on our On Demand platform, keep checking back to see what the latest titles are!

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